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Portfolio includes 20 most traded coins on Binance exchange in last 7 days. Follow the coins that get most interest from the traders on the best known and largest cryptocurrency exchange.
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The Binance Most Traded Portfolio Token Value in ETH
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Net of fees. Past performance is not an indication of future results
  • Live
  • Backtested
Net of fees. Past performance is not an indication of future results
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  2. Highest loss from the peak to a trough within the same time period
The presented backtested results are calculated taking into account the 0.25% trading fee for portfolio rebalancing. The backtested results are given solely for explanatory purposes and do not indicate or guarantee future results.

    An easy and cost-efficient way to invest in the most traded coins with one simple and transparent investment product. The portfolio automatically does the rebalancing with no effort on behalf of the investor. The goal of the portfolio is to track the performance of the coins that gained most interest on the largest crypto exchange.

    Binance is the largest and most well-known crypto exchange. Launched in July 2017, Binance has an average daily trading volume exceeding $1 billion as of October 2018. Among the main advantages of Binance are a wide universe of listed coins, industry-leading trading volume, low fees and notable security.


    The Binance Most Traded portfolio consists of 20 coins with the largest trading volume in USD in the previous 7 days out of all coins listed on

    Selected cryptocurrencies are weighted against one another based on their 7-day trading volume on Binance exchange, the portfolio is rebalanced every 7 days. The execution is fully automated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Key Token Features
    No lock-up on tokens after issuance
    High liquidity
    Regional restrictions apply

    Key strengths

    • Tracks top 20 most traded cryptocurrencies on Binance, the biggest and most popular crypto exchange in the world
    • Rebalanced and reconstituted weekly
    • Executed automatically 24/7
    • Cost efficient
    • Highly liquid

    Key metrics

    • Asset class: cryptocurrencies
    • Maximum coins: 20
    • Rebalanced: every week
    • Reporting currency: ETH
    • Service fee: 1.5% per annum