eGaming Thematic Portfolio

The portfolio provides broad exposure to the video gaming industry. Google, Nintendo, Tencent, Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Sony, AMD – this is just a half of companies that you invest in by purchasing this thematic portfolio.
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    The portfolio is rebalanced every 3 months. Target weighting: equally weighted.

    The industries of video gaming and electronic sports are developing at an extraordinary rate. Gaming competitions are becoming much more professional gathering huge prize pools, attracting millions of viewers and massive sponsorship contracts. In many countries, eSports have been classified at a domestic level as a sport.

    Moreover, special video games streaming platforms are becoming a new source of entertainment for the younger generation completely replacing TV and even becoming a huge threat to the modern-day sources of entertainment, like Youtube. Notably, Youtube now has a special section dedicated to video games streaming.

    Watching, playing and learning about new games have become a part of daily routine for millions. These factors, accompanied by game development companies and hardware manufacturers, are turning eGaming to serious multilateral business.

    The Blackmoon eGaming Thematic Portfolio provides you with broad exposure to this burgeoning industry.


    The portfolio is composed of companies that represent different sectors involved in the development of the eGaming industry, including game development, hardware manufacturing, video games streaming, and digital game distribution.

    The underlying portfolio of stocks is equally dollar weighted and automatically rebalanced every quarter.

    Key Features
    No lock-up after issuance
    Regional restrictions apply

    Key strengths

    • Broad exposure to the eGaming industry
    • Meets demand of younger generations
    • Executed automatically

    Key metrics

    • Asset class: Stocks
    • Reporting currency: USD
    • Rebalanced: Every 3 months
    • Weighting: Equally weighted
    • Service fee: 2% per annum