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Lyft Inc. is one of the most notable companies in the transportation market. Blackmoon offers a unique opportunity for investors to get exposure to the Lyft Inc. shares.
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Lyft defines Bookings as the aggregate charges for Rides on its platform, as well as other revenue, with some adjustments.
Lyft defines Active Riders as all riders who take at least one ride on Lyft’s multimodal platform through the Lyft app during a quarter. An Active Rider is identified by a unique phone number.
kUSDkUSDGrowth, Y-O-Y %kUSDGrowth, Y-O-Y %
Cost of sales279,011659,533136.38%1,243,40088.53%
Gross profit64,287400,348522.75%913,216128.11%
Gross profit margin, %18.73%37.77%42.34%
Operating profit-692,603-708,272-2.26%-977,711-38.04%
Operating profit margin, %-201.75%-66.83%-45.34%
Net profit for the year-682.794-688,301-911,335
For the year ended December 31

    Transportation is a massive market. In 2017 in the US, transportation was the second largest household expenditure after housing and was almost twice as large as healthcare and three times as large as entertainment.

    Consumers expect the freedom to access products and services at their convenience. This opens up economic opportunities for businesses to serve consumers through mobile apps, a trend expected to continue with increasing momentum. Lyft believes there is a massive opportunity for the company to improve the lives of riders by connecting them to more affordable and convenient transportation options.

    In 2012, Lyft launched its peer-to-peer marketplace for on-demand ridesharing and have continued to pioneer innovations aligned with revolutionizing of transportation. In December 2018, Lyft’s U.S. ridesharing market share was already 39%, up from 22% in just two years. This growth comes from both new drivers and riders as well as increased ride frequency. For the quarter ended December 31, 2018, the company had 18.6 million Active Riders and over 1.1 million drivers who provided rides. The company currently operates in over 300 markets across the United States and Canada, each with its own unique user network.

    Blackmoon offers a unique opportunity for investors to get exposure to Lyft Inc.


    Lyft’s multimodal platform is currently developing in 4 segments.

    (i) Ridesharing Marketplace. The company’s core offering since 2012 connects drivers with riders who need to get somewhere.

    (ii) Bikes and Scooters. A network of shared bikes and scooters to address the needs of riders who are looking for lower-priced, more active and often more efficient options for short trips during heavy traffic.

    (iii) Public Transit. The company’s Nearby Transit offering integrates third-party public transit data into the Lyft app to offer riders a robust view of transportation options.

    (iv) Autonomous Vehicles. The company has a number of strategic partnerships to offer access to autonomous vehicles.

    Lyft’s growth strategy includes the following components: (i)growth of rider base through organic adoption and via geographical expansion; (ii) increase of the platform’s use cases and the multimodal offering to increase rider engagement; (iii) growth in share of rider transportation spend; (iv) investing in technology and pursuing M&A and strategic partnerships.

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    Key strengths

    • The second biggest US ridesharing company
    • A 3-digit annual revenue growth rate in recent years
    • Impetuous growth of the number of rides and active riders
    • Founded and governed by an outstanding team of professionals

    Key metrics

    • Underlying assets: shares of Lyft Inc
    • Exchange: NASDAQ
    • Reporting currency: USD
    • U.S. ridesharing market share: 39% as of December 2018
    • Lyft revenue: $2.2 billion for the year 2018
    • Lyft total assets: $3.76 billion as of December 31, 2018
    • Total number of rides: 1 billion+
    • Bookings in 2018: $8.1 billion